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Regulatory landscapes can often be as unpredictable and treacherous as the Ocean or Great Lakes. When you're not working with an expert that takes this into account, an unexpected event can send you perilously off course. We know cannabis business owners already have a lot to worry about, which is why we can provide assurance on two of the most complicated and important aspects of running a legal cannabis business. Our knowledge and experience in these areas will guide you across difficult waters so you can focus on running your business.

Regulatory Compliance

The cannabis industry is one of the most highly regulated and restrictive industries, which presents many risks as a business owner. Starting a business in this industry requires careful planning to ensure full compliance on Day 1 of operations. We will help you find the appropriate resources and information that can help you avoid costly shutdowns and fines. In this industry, compliance is the most important aspect for risk mitigation.

Please note: Rozbud Consulting is NOT a law firm and cannot provide any legal guidance or advice.

Municipal & State Licensing

Having helped clients at both the municipal level and state level, we know that each jurisdiction can vary greatly with licensing application requirements and processes. We are therefore, well-equipped to make an arduous process much easier by working closely to help you understand the requirements for your licensing objectives. We avoid charging extremely high fees, which are common in this industry, and we strive to make a difference by being a solid partner that works with you every step of the way. You can trust our expertise, as we have a track record of success with licensing.

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