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Running any business can, at times, feel like being lost in a forest and surrounded by dense fog. Running a business in the emerging field of the cannabis industry can be even more overwhelming. Decision makers are surrounded by daily issues that act like trees obstructing one's view. Major challenges that arise similar to fog can cost time and resources that businesses may not have to expend. However, issues that appear to be insurmountable can often be resolved more easily with a different perspective that we can provide. We work with clients ranging in size from start-ups to corporations with multiple business units. With expertise in a variety of fields, we partner with our clients by utilizing the right tools to achieve successful outcomes.

Corporate Strategy

From go-to-market and scaling strategies to maximizing market share and profitability, businesses of every size need to have a strategy for success. While your competitors figure out how to begin operations, we can have you three years ahead by matching your objectives with a plan of execution. We combine powerful business tools with innovative thinking to offer a unique framework for every client.


Every type of cannabis business benefits from streamlined operations. Growers, processors, retailers, testing labs, and secured transporters should all utilize the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve their entire value chain. Whether your business is looking to improve a process or implement a dramatic supply chain efficiency initiative, our team will minimize the time and cost required to make it happen. Need help standardizing operations by developing SOPs, training initiatives, or documentation? We have the expertise to ensure your processes are efficient and implemented correctly by your staff.

Sales & Marketing

Branding strategy, market intelligence, and advertising in the digital age, are just a few examples of the services Rozbud Consulting offers to clients. The nature of the industry can make it hard to understand ever-changing trends related to marketing and advertising, but our solutions will be current, regardless of which state(s) you have operations. Additionally, we can provide a comprehensive sales strategy to grow existing markets and penetrate new markets by partnering with your sales team or coaching small business owners on how to increase sales revenue.

Human Resources

Any cannabis business that hires employees has a variety of strategic and financial considerations to make. Hiring, maintaining, and even firing people happens in the regular course of business. Let us help your business with personnel transitions or initiatives to recruit and maintain quality people, because the human element is quite often the most important to a business.

Risk Management

Do you have a Plan B? What about Plans C, D, E, or F? In the cannabis industry, there are a variety of risks that can turn a burgeoning business into a money pit. We offer risk management solutions that can help you plan for any and all issues that are inherent to this industry. From operational disruptions to staff problems, let us help you understand the greatest risks to your business and mitigate them before they cut into your bottom line.

Finance & Accounting

Looking for detailed financial budgeting and planning services? Our knowledgeable team will ensure that you have peace of mind about the financial strength of your business. Even if you're just starting, we will aid in the process of connecting your goals to dollar figures. We also specialize in financial analysis of complex data to create models and discover new insights hidden in the numbers.

Information Technology

Technology is evolving at a rate that can make any business owner's head spin. The cannabis industry is no exception, especially with government mandated seed-to-sale tracking. Our team can facilitate systems implementations and provide technological solutions to fit with any area of the industry. We also offer website development and social media management for cannabis businesses looking to improve their digital footprint.

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